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Sultan - The Most Popular Condom Brand Among Finns

Sultan Conture is the number one choice for Finns. It's the most purchased condom in the country, providing protection and pleasure that several generations have trusted! Launched in 1967, Sultan has been taking care of Finnish sexual health for decades. Sultan brand condoms are available in anatomically shaped, ultra-thin, and comfortably sized varieties. The best companion for Sultan condoms is the brand's own Sultan Ultra Glide lubricant, ensuring smoothness and comfort.

Choose the domestic leader in hot moments - Sultan! You can easily and discreetly get Sultan condoms through Order Finland's most popular condoms either in packs of five or in larger, cost-effective bulk packs promising low per-piece prices.

Sultan Conture - Finland's Favorite

Sultan understands what kind of sex Finns enjoy and knows what is expected from a condom in those tender moments. Sultan Conture suits most of us - this country's most used condom is designed to fit perfectly into Finnish hands. Made of natural rubber, Sultan Conture is a reliable and comfortable latex condom. Its tip is anatomically shaped. Thanks to its structure, the condom fits very well, gently compressing in just the right spot. Sultan Conture is colorless, smooth, and treated with silicone-based lubricant.

Almost Skin-to-Skin - Sultan Ultra Thin

For those seeking a more intense experience, the best option is Sultan Ultra Thin condoms. This extremely thin condom ensures a highly intense experience without compromising safety. Sultan Ultra Thin is made with unique technology and has a thickness of only 0.04 mm. The easy-on structure and silicone-based lubricant ensure easy application. Made of latex, Sultan Ultra Thin condoms are completely odorless.

For Bigger Needs - Sultan Big XL

If more space is needed, Sultan Big XL is the solution for many larger men. Sultan Big XL is an extremely large condom, with a longer and wider fit that allows for more comfort. It is 60 mm wide, 120 mm in diameter, and 200 mm long. The condom is especially suitable for those who find normal condoms too short or tight. Also made of latex, Sultan Big XL condoms are colorless, odorless, and treated with silicone-based lubricant.

Gentle Moisture - Sultan Ultra Glide

Sultan Ultra Glide is a water-based, effectively moisturizing lubricant. Sultan Ultra Glide is particularly suitable for those suffering from dry mucous membranes. The long-lasting lubricant contains medicinal aloe. Due to its unique composition, the gentle lubricant has no taste or smell. The product is especially suitable for use with Sultan condoms. Sultan Ultra Glide lubricant is water-based and does not contain fragrances, scents, or flavors. The product is gynecologically tested.

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