With more than 70 years of experience in France under the name of Prophyltex, Protex has always had a pioneering role. They have offered since 2002, the first polyurethane condoms Protex Original.

Today Protex is a subsidiary of the Sagami Rubber Industries group that is one of the largest Japanese producers of condoms. Protex benefits from recognized technology and quality on the products of the Sagami Group that are being sold in more than 80 countries.

The Sagami Group is also at the forefront of medical technology by supplying the hospital sector with probe protections worldwide. Protex probe protections ensure by their quality and robustness perfect hygienic and aseptic conditions for X-ray and ultrasound devices.

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Protex 0.02 6 pcs, very thin latex free condom

18.90 *
1 piece(s) = 3.15 €
Stock level: 373

Protex 0.02 48 pcs, very thin latex free condom

128.50 *
1 piece(s) = 2.68 €
Stock level: 46

Protex Classic Plus Fin 10 pcs, ultra thin condom

14.90 *
1 piece(s) = 1.49 €
Stock level: 96
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