Nordic Glide Lubricants

Explore the benefits of Nordic Glide lubricants to enhance your comfort and intimacy. Enjoy Nordic Glide long-lasting, non-staining water-based lubricant for those intimate moments! Thanks to the natural ingredients in Nordic Glide Lubricants, there's no worry about getting lubricant on sheets or furniture—it washes off easily with water and soap. A little goes a long way with this lubricant, providing delightful smoothness. The large tube ensures you'll have plenty for extended use!

Nordic Glide Lubricants: Enhancing Comfort and Intimacy

Discover the smooth, long-lasting pleasure of Nordic Glide lubricants. Specially formulated to enhance your intimate experiences, our range of lubricants is designed for seamless compatibility with all skin types and sensitivities. Whether you're looking for water-based options for natural sensations or the luxurious feel of silicone-based lubricants, Nordic Glide has the perfect solution to enrich both solo and partnered activities.

Nordic Glide lubricants are dermatologically tested and free from irritating additives, ensuring a safe and pleasurable experience. The subtle, pleasant textures provide effortless glide without stickiness or staining, making cleanup a breeze. Ideal for use with condoms and all types of sex toys, Nordic Glide lubricants enhance sensitivity and comfort, allowing for a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

Packaged discreetly and designed to be easy to use, each product in the Nordic Glide line meets stringent quality standards. Experience the difference with Nordic Glide, where ultimate comfort meets lasting performance to transform your intimate moments.

Nordic Glide Lubricants manufactured in the Nordics

Nordic Glide lubricants are proudly manufactured in Finland and in Sweden, known for its high standards of quality and environmental care. Each product is crafted in state-of-the-art facilities that adhere to rigorous safety and quality controls. The production process combines advanced technology with traditional craftsmanship, ensuring each batch of Nordic Glide lubricant meets the exceptional standards expected by consumers. Emphasizing sustainability and purity, these lubricants are produced with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, reflecting the brand's commitment to both excellence and environmental responsibility.

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Nordic Glide Pure Water 150ml, water-based lubricant

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1 l = 66.00 €
Product in stock: 23 pcs

Nordic Glide Strawberry 150 ml, flavoured lubricant

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1 l = 66.00 €
Product in stock: 26 pcs
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