ESP Pink Love Marshmallow 144pcs, marshmallow flavoured pink condom

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1 piece(s) = 0.27 €

Pink, ribbed, stimulating condoms with a sweet marshmallow flavour; extra lubricated for more comfort and fun. Parallel and teat-ended.

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Form Cylindrical
Surface Dotted / Ribbed
Wall thickness 0,07mm
Nominal width 52mm
Length 180mm
Girth 104mm
Lubricant Silicone based
Colour Pink
Content 144 condoms
Expiration date 30/01/2023
About delivery This product is thicker than what can be delivered as a letter. This product can only be delivered as a parcel.

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ESP Pink Love Marshmallow 1pcs, marshmallow flavoured pink condom ESP Pink Love Marshmallow 1pcs, marshmallow flavoured pink condom
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