Protex Original 0.02 6 pcs, latex-free ultra thin condom

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1 piece(s) = 3.15 €

Protex Original 0.02 is a latex free condom that has less than half the thickness of a normal condom. With this condom, being thin is not just in its marketing material and it actually is a very thin condom. It is made of polyurethane that transmits heat better than latex. This makes everything feel more natural.

Even though Protex Original 0.02 condom is very thin, it does not make it any less safe. It is a latex free condom and it is perfect for people with rubber or latex allergies.

Protex Original 0.02 condoms have been manufactured in Japanese Sagami high technology factories. Every batch is meticulously tested to ensure high quality control. So you feel all the pleasure without the worry.

Additional product information

Form Cylindrical
Surface Smooth
Wall thickness 0,02 mm
Nominal width 58 mm
Length 190 mm
Girth 116 mm
Lubricant Silicone based
Colour Colourless
Package size 6 condoms
CE marking This product is CE marked medical device.
Notified Body 0123 -TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH
Expiration date 31/03/2027


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Protex Original 0.02 48 pcs, latex-free ultra thin condom Protex Original 0.02 48 pcs, latex-free ultra thin condom
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