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Buy high quality and reliable condoms cheaply online. In our selection you will find well-known high-quality RFSU condoms and Sultan condoms. In addition, there is a selection of condoms from other manufacturers such as the Japanese Okamoto Premium Thin condoms as well as high quality German Condom Brands such as Vitalis, ON) and Billy Boy and MY.SIZE. The range also includes the UK's most popular condoms from Pasante and Durex. Condoms can be found in different categories, such as non-latex condoms suitable for allergy sufferers, and always popular thin condoms. On the basis of the size, there are categories for large condoms and small condoms. You can order a variety of condoms online from From our selction, you can also find numbing, cooling and warming condoms.


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Condoms from the web - order from is a reliable European webshop specialized in selling condom products. From us, you can order quality condoms onlinefor a good price and with free delivery in Finland. You can order condoms straight to your home easily and discretely. Bigger condom orders are delivered as big letter and those can be collected from the nearest post office.

From you can find a condom for every need. Be it e.g. a ribbed condom, a very thin condom or even a condom that glows in the dark to bring some light to the bedroom. You can easily order from us condoms online.




Order quality condoms with ease and discreetly. From here you can find a good selection of condoms with different qualities and sizes. Delivery in Finland with letter 0€ and 4,90€ parcel. 

Value Packs

Value Packs

Popular quality condoms in handy big packages. Big condom packages should last awhile even for active sex life.

Condoms in ones

When you order condoms in ones you can order just the amount you want and you can easily try different condoms.



Lubricant,  or lube for short, lessens the friction of the skin and its purpose is to make sex feel better. Here you can find the lubricants for sale. See more.

Discounted products

If you are looking for cheap condoms from the web, then you can see all the newest discounts of the shop in this category.

Contact Information

Here is the company contact information. The company does not have a separate brick-and-mortar shop and only operates online.


RFSU Magic 20, anatomically formed condom

14.90 *
1 piece(s) = 0.75 €
Stock level: 9

RFSU So Sensitive 6, very thin latex free condom

17.80 *
1 piece(s) = 2.97 €
Stock level: 6

RFSU Sultan Ultra Thin 20, very thin condom

22.90 *
1 = 1.15 €
Stock level: 16

RFSU Tight Slim Fit 30, tighter condom

19.90 *
1 = 0.66 €
Stock level: 14

Durex Fun Explosion 40, condom selection

29.00 *
1 piece(s) = 0.73 €
Stock level: 18

Durex Feel Ultra Thin 60, very thin condom

39.00 *
1 = 0.65 €
Stock level: 9
Prices include VAT.
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