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Buy high quality and reliable condoms cheap online. In our selection you will find well-known high-quality RFSU condoms and Sultan condoms. In addition, there is a selection of condoms from other manufacturers such as the Japanese Okamoto extremely thin condoms as well as high quality German Condom Brands such as Vitalis, ON) and MY.SIZE. The range also includes the UK's most popular condoms from Pasante and Durex. Condoms can be found in different categories, such as non-latex condoms suitable for allergy sufferers, and always popular thin condoms. On the basis of the size, there are categories for large condoms and small condoms. You can order a variety of condoms online from From our selction, you can also find numbing, cooling and warming condoms.


Popular Condoms


Condoms from the web - order from ( aka is a reliable nordic european webshop specialized in selling condom products. From us, you can order quality condoms online for a good price and with free delivery for smaller items. Bigger items (thicker than 3cm) have to be delivered as a parcel that has a cost based on the location. You can order condoms straight to your home easily and discretely. 

From you can find a condom for every need. Be it e.g. a ribbed condom, a very thin condom or even a condom that glows in the dark to bring some light to the bedroom. You can easily order from us condoms online.


Reasons to buy from


1. We bring condoms from the world to your home

From our selection you can find condoms of all kinds. We send products like Okamoto condoms from Japan, Vitalis, ON) and MY.SIZE condoms from Germany, Durex and Pasante Condoms from UK and RFSU and Sultan condoms from Sweden to you bedroom drawer or where ever you keep your condoms. From us you can find condoms of different sizes and different kind of condoms. Some of the condoms are also sold as singles. Single condoms are nice if you want to try different sized condoms or just want to try a fun selection of condoms with different clolours and flavours. Bigger orders that have products thicker than 3cm do not fit into the max measurements of a letter so those can not be delivered straight to your home. Those are delivered as a parcel that usually cost more and have to be fetched from the nearest pick up point. Slightly over 3cm thick retail packages are flattened so that they fit into a letter if letter is chosen as a delivery method.


2. has a cheap delivery

You can order bigger or smaller amount of condoms from online without worry of calculating delivery costs. The delivery costs are calculated automatically in the order process and you can see the delivery cost clearly before you finalize your order. In addition to the smaller and bigger retail packages that you can find from our shop you can buy a selection of single condoms. For greater need there are savings packages as big as 144pcs. In all cases condoms are delivered with reasonable costs.


3. We want that you have correct accessories

There are a lot of different kind of condoms for different needs. From you can find a nice selection of different kinds of condoms. As a rough divide, normal latex condom is made of natural rubber latex and latex free condoms are mostly made of polyuretan. Latex is the traditional material for condoms because of its qualities and it has a long history in preventing pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. One of the best qualities of a latex condom is that it stretches just the right amount and for this reason it mostly fits well. If you are using latex condoms, you should not use oil based lubricants or other oils. If you or your partner is allergic to latex, it does not qualify as a reason to not use condoms.The latex free condoms are mainly made of polyuretan that fits well for latex and rubber allergic. Latex free condoms are also thinner than normal and they transfer heat better. The feel of a latex free condom is a bit different, so it can take time to get used to them. We generally recommed trying some of them even though you yourself are not allergic. It is good to know how to use them if need arises. In the bed side drawer, there is good to keep some lubes as well. The lubes in are either water or silicon based. They fit well both with latex condoms and with latex free condoms. There are a lot of different kind of lubes and it is a good idea to try out different ones so that you can find your own favourites. Some prefer warming lubes and others prefer other qualities.


4. Trying different kinds of condoms you can find new favourites for both participants

There are a lot of different kind of condoms when we talk about the latex condoms. We recommend boldly to try different kinds. Fron our selection you can find e.g. dotted condoms and ribbed condoms. The feeling of them all does not necessarily fit for all, so only trying out different kinds you can find new favourites. From us you can find warming condoms and cooling condoms as well as coloured condoms and flavoured condoms. If you really want to surprice your partner, then a glow in the dark condom usually leaves and impression that can be remembered. You should not forget the lubes either. There are also different kinds of lubes and those can have a big impact on the pleasure for both. You can order even single condoms, so in that regard it is really easy to try out different kinds and find new favourite condoms.


5. Dress correctly - know your size

In the product listing, you can find on the left hand side different features of the products that you can use to filter products on the list. With this feature, you can easily list condoms of different sizes. If the average sized condoms to not seem to ever fit well, then most likely you are not using a condom of a correct size. If the condom seems too tight, then you should try large condoms. If the condom does not fit snugly and it feels like it could slip off, then you should try small condoms. Too big of a condom can slip off and too small of a condom can squeeze too thigtly and feel uncomfortable. A perfect sized condom is more comfortable and feels better, trying out different sizes is not a bad idea. From you can find large condoms and small condoms. Then there is the MY.SIZE condom product. They have more different sizes of condoms than usual.




Order quality condoms with ease and discreetly. From here you can find a good selection of condoms with different qualities and sizes. 

Value Packs

Value Packs

Popular quality condoms in handy big packages. Big condom packages should last awhile even for active sex life.

Condoms in ones

When you order condoms in ones you can order just the amount you want and you can easily try different condoms.



Lubricant,  or lube for short, lessens the friction of the skin and its purpose is to make sex feel better. Here you can find the lubricants for sale. See more.


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Durex Surprise Mix 40, condom selection

29.00 *
1 piece(s) = 0.73 €
Stock level: 45

SKYN Original Condom 144, latex free condom

76.00 *
SALE 95.00 €
You save 20 %
1 piece(s) = 0.53 €
Stock level: 11

SKYN Special Edition Set 40 pcs + 80 ml, latex free condoms and lube

40.00 *
SALE 50.00 €
You save 20 %
Stock level: 43

New MY.SIZE PRO 64 10 pcs, thin big condom

8.93 *
SALE 11.90 €
You save 25 %
1 piece(s) = 0.89 €
Stock level: 297

SKYN Large Condom 10, bigger latex free condom

13.90 *
1 piece(s) = 1.39 €
Stock level: 47

SKYN Unknown Pleasures 42 pcs, latex free condom selection

36.00 *
SALE 45.00 €
You save 20 %
1 piece(s) = 0.90 €
Stock level: 13

Durex Real Feel 10pcs, latex free condom

16.90 *
1 piece(s) = 1.69 €
Stock level: 67

Sultan Ultra Thin 20, very thin condom

22.90 *
1 piece(s) = 1.15 €
Stock level: 22

Durex Fun Explosion 40, condom selection

29.00 *
1 piece(s) = 0.73 €
Stock level: 15

New MY.SIZE PRO 60 Condom 36 pcs, bigger condom

29.95 *
1 piece(s) = 0.83 €
Stock level: 6

Pasante King Size 144, big condom

39.00 *
1 = 0.27 €
Stock level: 10
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