About Payments

When you order from the Kondomiverkkokauppa web shop, you have a variety of ways to pay for your order. Our payment partners are Paytrail, Klarna and PayPal. These allow you to choose from a wide variety of payment methods.


Here is a list of used payment services and what different payment methods are available through them.


Paytrail - Online payment or card payment

Paytrail is a Finnish payment service provider that allows you to pay using online banking, debit card or various mobile payment methods. When you select Paytrail online payment or card payment, the following payment methods are available.



Klarna Checkout

Klarna Checkout service is a popular payment service provided by Klarna Bank in Sweden, where you can pay now, later or in parts. You can pay off your order immediately with local payment methods, e.g. in Finland via online banking or by card. You can also choose invoice payment method that you can pay a little later or you can pay your order in small installments. In order to receive your invoice and installment payment, Klarna Checkout must provide a social security number. That's what they use in their credit check and risk analysis. Klarna has different payment methods available to different countries.



PayPal is a well-known international payment service that pays from your PayPal account. You can attach your own card to PayPal or transfer a credit line to PayPal to make payments through it. PayPal is a popular payment method, especially when making payments abroad, because it does not have to share your credit card information when ordering from different locations and it is easy to pay using just your username and password.


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