From this category you can find different kinds of lubricants. From our selection you can find gentle water based lubricants as well as more lasting silicon based lubricants and their hybrids.

Lubricants, or lube for short, lessen the friction of the skin. For sex you spread the lubricant to vagina area or on the top of the penis before starting. There iare lubricants that are water based, silicon based and oil based. Oil based lubricants are not suitable for using with latex condoms because they damage latex and in the worst case scenario, they can cause the condom to break. Water and silicon based lubricants can be used with condoms.

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Durex Perfect Glide Lubricant 50ml, silky lubricant

9.90 *
1 ml = 0.20 €
Stock level: 3

Durex RealFeel Lubricant 50ml, silicon based lubricant

11.90 *
1 l = 238.00 €
Stock level: 4

Durex Play Warming Gel Lubricant 50ml

9.90 *
1 ml = 0.20 €
Stock level: 10

Durex Play Feel 50ml, water based classic lube

8.90 *
1 l = 178.00 €
Stock level: 10

EXS Clear Lube 50ml, water based lubricant

6.90 *
1 ml = 0.14 €
Stock level: 1

Pasante Light Lube 75ml, clear water based lubricant

7.90 *
1 ml = 0.11 €
Stock level: 11

Klick Caring Glide 50 ml, hybrid lube

11.90 *
Stock level: 4
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