Sultan Salmiakki 5pcs, salty liquorice flavoured condom

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1 piece(s) = 1.38 €

Sultan Salmiakki is a condom for finnish mouths. This condom has a salty liquorice flavour that can surprice your taste puds but is good for preventing nastier surprices afterwards. The condom is normal Sultan Conture condom with salty liquorice flavouring.

Condom is great for finnish tastes but you can try to make salmiakki known to others as well but this is not a guaranteed success.

The condom is in a black fould but the condom itself is normal colorless Sultan condom. It is anatomically formed, smooth condom with a reservoir. It is made of natural rubber aka latex.

You should store condoms in a dry and cool place avoiding direct sunlingt.

Additional product information

Form Anatomically formed
Surface Smooth
Wall thickness 0,06mm
Nominal width 53 mm
Length 180mm
Girth 106mm
Lubricant Silicone based
Colour Colorless
Content 5 condoms
Expiration date 30/04/2024

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