FC2 Femidom 3pcs, Female Condom Latex Free

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1 piece(s) = 3.30 €

FC2 Femidom female condom is a prelubricated condom for women. In use it is palced inside vagina. Because the condom stays in place inside the vagina, it suits well for women that have sensitive or sore mucous membrane and who get symptoms from hormonal birth control. There is a single condom in the package.

FC2 Femidom is soft and silent to use femal condom. FC2 female condom is mage from nitrilepolymer that is latex free and therefore is suits well also if you or your partner is allergic to latex.

Additional product information

Surface Smooth
Wall thickness 0,08 mm
Nominal width 76-83 mm
Length 180 mm
Girth 152-166mm
Lubricant Silicone based
Colour Colorless
Content 3 condoms
CE Marking This product is CE marked medical device.
Notified Body 0088 - Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd (0088)
Expiration date 31/05/2025


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