EXS Magnum 48 pcs, larger condom

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1 piece(s) = 0.46 €

EXS Magnum Extra Large Condoms are specifically designed for those seeking a larger condom than the standard size. With a generous length of 190mm and a width of 60mm, Magnum offers a comfortable and secure fit.

Crafted with a thin condom wall, measuring 0.073mm, you can enjoy an intimate experience without the sensation of a barrier between you and your partner. The anatomical fit, complete with a flared head and teat tip, ensures enhanced comfort and natural movement during use.

Made from silky natural latex, EXS Magnum Condoms feel sensational against the skin. For added pleasure and ease, they are coated with silicone lube, reducing friction and preventing irritation during both vaginal and anal intercourse. What's more, these condoms are also suitable for oral sex, adding to their versatility.

Caring for our planet and the well-being of all beings, EXS Magnum Condoms are certified as an ethical product by the Vegan Society. They are entirely free of animal proteins and produced with utmost respect for the environment.

Experience superior protection, comfort, and ethical responsibility with EXS Magnum Extra Large Condoms – the perfect choice for a fulfilling and conscientious intimate experience.

  • For those seeking a larger size
  • Comfortable and secure fit: 190 mm length and 60 mm width
  • Anatomical fit: flared head and teat tip
  • Made from silky natural latex, pleasant sensation on the skin
  • Coated with silicone lube, reduces friction and prevents irritation
  • Ethical and environmentally friendly, certified by Vegan Society

Additional product information

Form Cylindrical
Surface Smooth
Wall thickness 0,07 mm
Nominal width 60 mm
Length 195 mm
Girth 120 mm
Lubricant Silicone based
Colour Colourless
Package size 48 condoms
CE marking This product is CE marked medical device.
Notified Body 1639 - SGS Belgium NV
Expiration date 30/10/2027


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